Naturopathic Doctor – Birth Attendant Services (doula, labour support)

As a naturopathic doctor and birth doula, I accompany people in labour to help ensure a safe and satisfying birth experience. I draw on my professional training, knowledge and experience to provide emotional support and physical comfort. My focus is on supporting expectant parents to trust their bodies and to act on their natural birthing instincts.

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My birth services include:

An initial naturopathic consult anytime during the pregnancy (1.5 hours)

  • complete medical history and physical exam
  • request for bloodwork or other exams as needed
  • encourage a proactive and preventative approach to prenatal health (microbiome, nutritional deficiencies)
  • treatment of common prenatal infections as needed (UTI, GBS, yeast…)
  • discuss nutrition and optimal weight gain through pregnancy (cholestasis, gestational diabetes…)
  • discuss prevention of postpartum mood and autoimmune disorders (PPMD, thyroid…)
  • a lifetime of naturopathic care!

2 prenatal visits (1 hour each)

  • discuss birth preferences
  • help prepare for labour- including nutrition and hydration
  • practice labour positions and breathing techniques
  • discuss postpartum care
  • offer additional information and resources
  • record keeping and sharing contact information

On-call assistance (reachable by pager 24/7) starting 2 weeks before your due date until the birth

Early labour support over the phone or in your home, as needed.

Labour support from the time you request it until 1 to 2 hours after your baby has been born:

  • Massage, counter pressure, hot or cold packs
  • focus on relaxation guidance
  • suggestions for position changes
  • encouragement and perspective, positive affirmations
  • information about what is happening, help with decision making
  • support and breaks for partner
  • practical help such as getting drinks and food, running a bath, etc.

Naturopathic labour support at any of the scheduled visits, labour and birth.

  • nutritional support
  • recommendation of botanical tinctures and/or teas
  • homeopathic remedies
  • acupuncture or acupressure

One postpartum visit (1 hour)

  • Discuss overview of birthing experience to help provide closure
  • naturopathic infant care
  • healing care for new parent (perineum, breast, hormone balance)
  • breastfeeding support
  • postpartum mood and autoimmune prevention and treatment
  • referrals to other resources as required

Fees, paid in several installments using a credit card stored on file:

  • Initial naturopathic consult (for new patients) – 90 minutes – $240
  • Prenatal visit #1 – 60 minutes – $160
  • Prenatal visit #2 – 60 minutes – $160
  • Birth – $850 flat fee regardless of time at birth, time on call, outcome of birth, etc. **Note: cancellations after 38 weeks will be charged $300 for the time set aside for on-call services**
  • Postnatal visit – 60 minutes OR Pediatric Initial Naturopathic visit for baby – 90 minutes – included in cost of birth

All of the above services are billed as naturopathic services if billed under the birthing parent’s name and covered by most health insurance plans. Prenatal visits can be billed under a partner’s name as Naturopathic Prenatal Education, and may or may not be covered by private insurance.

Any supplements or botanical medicines will be charged separately.

Other services offered: