Naturopathic Care for Older Adults

Hi, I’m Dr. Alexandra Verge, ND and my aim is to help people who believe aging can be a time of improved health and wellness (rather than decline and disability) feel better and achieve their health goals.

Over the last few years, I have taken steps to better serve the older adult community in my practice. These steps include:

  • Ensuring accessibility: When moving our clinic in 2013, finding a physically accessible location was a priority. Our space at 15 Yarmouth Street—which many people will remember as the former Red Cross headquarters—is on the main floor. It is accessible by a few short and wide steps at the building’s front entrance, and more importantly, by a ramp and automated door to the right of the entrance.

  • Making house calls: Though I am technically based out of our clinic on Yarmouth, there are many instances where a house call is preferred (e.g. 24-hour oxygen, acute instability, current fracture). I have happily offered this service for several years now.

  • Getting additional qualifications in pharmacology (Ontario Prescribing and Therapeutics): This extra training allows me to better understand, discuss, and work with prescription medications, which are more likely to be taken as we get older.

  • Offering additional testing: The ability to requisition supplementary laboratory tests as appropriate often leads to a deeper understanding of chronic conditions. (Please note that the tests are not covered by OHIP.)

  • Using an age-specific lens:  It’s important to recognize that the most likely causes of many common conditions can change as we age. Knowing where to look first promotes better assessment and treatment.

  • Emphasizing co-operative health care: It is fairly common for people to consult an expanding health team as they age. I believe that the best care is provided when practitioners work together, and I do my part to communicate and collaborate with all those involved in the circle of care.

I also conduct Condition-Specific Reviews which are focused 1-hour appointments on a variety of chronic conditions.

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