106, 2014

Summer is Great! Except for the sunburns and the bugs …

Summer seems finally here to stay! And you can tell people are happier for it. This is a good time of year. And yet, we often gloss over the irritations of the season until confronted with them once more. Two of the biggest of these are sunburns and bug bites. The Canadian Cancer Society just released a report stating that melanoma rates continue to rise, in part due to sunscreen fatigue -- people not applying any, enough or frequently despite extensive sun exposure. And bug bites are at best annoying, [...]

1604, 2014

For kids, is there such a thing as Easter without chocolate?

Holiday seasons like Easter can be a real challenge if you're new to a healthier way of eating and trying to avoid things like additives, allergens or lots of refined sugars. It can feel like you have to miss out on what might be life long family traditions. As the mother of a child with life threatening allergies, I know that most chocolate bars and store-bought cookies are not an option. It has become our family's mission over the years to find alternative holiday treats that are fun or yummy, [...]

2303, 2014

The Lacto-Fermentation Learning Curve

I've always loved sauerkraut although it wasn't a family staple growing up. I have memories of being fascinated by the enormous and mysterious kraut crock our neighbours had in their basement. And as an adult, I was thrilled to discover kimchi, which is both like and totally unlike my beloved sauerkraut. Learning that these lacto-fermented foods had health benefits was a bonus. But I decided I too should make my own versions, both improving my digestive health and connecting with long standing preserving traditions. And since I'm recommending them more often in [...]