If you haven’t yet considered using water for your labour or birth, here are some things to consider:

  • Induces relaxation and increases production of oxytocin
  • Water reduces labour pain or discomfort
  • The water creates a wonderful barrier to the outside world, becoming a more intimate and relaxing environment
  • Women are able to move freely into different labouring positions
  • Reduces the number of unnecessary vaginal exams
  • Women report that the water intensifies the connection with the baby
  • The water slows crowning and offers its own perineal support

Birthing Tub Rental

La Bassine Birth Pool by Made in Water


  • Intimate with plenty of room to move
  • 60” X 53” X 25”, external dimensions
  • 65 cm depth, fully covers belly
  • Deep purple colour
  • Firm walls, and inflated floor
  • Internal handles
  • Eco-friendly vinyl (phthalate, lead, cadmium-free)
  • Includes disposable pool liner, 25’ drinking water hose, faucet adaptor, floating thermometer, submersible water pump and electric air pump

Cost: As of June 1, 2021, our birth pool rental cost will increase to $175 plus HST. Deposit of $75 + HST is due upon booking. Can pick up 2 weeks before due date and return 2 weeks after.

If you would like to reserve one of our birthing tubs, please contact our office soon to ensure their availability.


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