So one of the unexpected perks of being a massage therapist is getting to have an up close look at people’s tattoos. I have to say the best part is hearing the stories behind the art work; most are quite thoughtful, some are funny and I have heard the occasional regret. It has also been interesting to see who has tattoos. I will confess to having been surprised by discovering body art on some people that I would never have expected.

So if you are thinking about getting a tattoo please consider the following things (from a massage therapy perspective);

1) Be sure to leave at least two weeks between the time you get your tattoo and your next massage appointment.

2) When deciding the location of your tattoo on your body think about the clothing you will be wearing over the next week as the skin heals. Anything that rubs and causes discomfort will alter your postures and/or gait.

3) Remember that you will need to accommodate your healing skin when sleeping and may need to adjust your position. Extra pillows can be helpful to allow for a restful sleep.

4) Research your tattoo shop well. Health and safety are by far the most important decision when getting ink work done.

Michelle Kudelka, RMT