Welcome to Kura Naturopathic Clinic and Registered Massage Therapy in Guelph

Our multidisciplinary clinic consists of three naturopathic doctors (naturopaths or NDs), two registered massage therapists (RMTs), and one craniosacral therapist in beautiful downtown Guelph. We offer support for all ages, including new babes, teens, pregnant people and adults of all ages.

At Kura, we support both people looking to optimize their already good health as well as those looking for change. Our experienced practitioners can approach your healthcare from a whole new perspective and help direct you towards well-being through education and gentle and safe treatments.

Kura is the latin word for healing treatment, as well as care, concern or attention, all definitions we keep in mind as we support our patients in reaching their optimal health.

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You can now book most naturopathic services, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy and HypnoBirthing classes online! If this is your first time booking with us, or for services not listed on our online booking page, please call the clinic at 519-766-9759.

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Welcome Our New Practitioners

We are delighted to welcome three new practitioners to our team this fall – Dr. Stephanie Cordes, ND, Adam Sugrim, RMT and Danielle Workman, RMT.

Stephanie will be in clinic Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and Adam will be in Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – both offering evening appointments. Danielle will be in the clinic on Wednesday afternoons. These new beginnings sadly coincide with Caeleigh leaving us for the year, but we wish her all the best with her new little one, and know she will still be close by.

If you’d like to book in with Stephanie, Adam, or Danielle, please call or email the clinic, or book online. They look forward to working with you!

HypnoBirthing Classes

Dr. Paulina Zettel, ND offers HypnoBirthing classes in the evening, with sessions running every 5-8 weeks. With the four basic HypnoBirthing techniques; breathing, relaxation, visualization and deepening you will learn how to condition your mind and body for a fearless and peaceful childbirth.

The next session starts on Thursday, April 18, 2019 for 5 consecutive weeks. Call, email or sign up online. Space is limited. 

Our long-standing clinic moved in 2013! If you haven’t seen us for awhile, Kura is now located at 15 Yarmouth Street